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Speculative Fiction

Speculative fiction is an umbrella genre. It encompasses any fictional literature which features elements that do not exist in the real world, such as fantasy, science fiction, fairy-tales, superhero fiction, horror, supernatural fiction, utopian and dystopian fiction, alternate history, time travel and various combinations of these. Besides literature, speculative fiction is often seen to include art, film and virtual arts.

The earliest forms of speculative fiction go back to the beginning of human speech when mythological stories and fairy tales would have been told around a fire. The dramas of ancient Greece also belong to this genre. Here, the blog focuses on some of the paradigm-changing speculative fiction of this century.

Alternate History Writing

29 Jul 2021

If writers are looking for a genre that tests the limits of their imaginations, then they should try alternate history. It is a good idea to start with a particular concept. This could be imagining what the world would be like if specific wars were won by the other side.

How Speculative Fiction Helps Us Develop Creativity

15 Jan 2020

In today's busy economy, most of us barely have time for a slow dinner with friends and family, let alone setting time aside each night for some nonfiction reading. Yet, if you are intellectual, reading about 30 minutes of fiction nightly can help boost your creativity.

How did speculative Fiction Begin?

19 Dec 2019

To answer that question, we have to actually do speculative fiction. Speculation is an educated guess; it’s trying to put a story together even if you only have a part of the beginning of it. That’s where the fiction comes in. Fiction fills in the gaps; it imagines full scenarios where you only have a part. It considers different angles of the story that might account for missing portions.

But fiction makes life more interesting.

This putting together of speculation and fiction is a lot like gambling. When you gamble, you’re going off of what you already know - say, the cards you can see - and you’re also imagining what you don’t know - so, the cards the other players or dealer is holding. It has those aspects of speculating and making a story or fiction. It calls on luck and reality, strategy and creativity.

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The Beauty of an Unfinished Story

16 Nov 2019

When reading a science fiction book, most people prefer to know the ending. The ending is so important that sometimes people skip the middle and go straight to the end because they are not patient enough to read through the whole plot. However, sometimes an unfinished ending makes more sense.