How did speculative Fiction Begin?

To answer that question, we have to actually do speculative fiction. Speculation is an educated guess; it’s trying to put a story together even if you only have a part of the beginning of it. That’s where the fiction comes in. Fiction fills in the gaps; it imagines full scenarios where you only have a part. It considers different angles of the story that might account for missing portions.

But fiction makes life more interesting.

This putting together of speculation and fiction is a lot like gambling. When you gamble, you’re going off of what you already know - say, the cards you can see - and you’re also imagining what you don’t know - so, the cards the other players or dealer is holding. It has those aspects of speculating and making a story or fiction. It calls on luck and reality, strategy and creativity.

Looking for the next chapter in your story?

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19 Dec 2019